A Blizzards Worth.

Today was found with an epic adventures at hand. That’s right there were mounds of snow that needed to be put in their place…and that we did.

Matt and I wanted to start small as we stretched and warmed up. So we started in the back of some guys truck.

After a quick warm up we really felt like we were ready to tackle the big mounds. So we headed out in to the vast parking lots of a warehouse district, it was obviously the biggest mounds we found all day.

GPS CoordinatesMatt at the Summit

It was an exhilarating weekend. Check back soon as our day was not done. More posts to follow.


Blizzard Warning?

Ok, so apparently the storm of the century is coming thru Chicago-Land…this would be the perfect time to re-activate the passion that kept us all riveted to our computer screens years ago. So check back often to see where the biggest snowmounds are!

Now I got to go polish off my boots and claw hammer.

Be safe you snowmounders!

Just Cold.

I wish I had some new snow to report to you…however, I can’t do that. It has become a disappointing winter…I need more snow.. . Keep checking back. Perhaps we will get an  “Alberta Clipper” sometime soon.

February 11, 2008

Thanks for coming back for more…I hope this is inspiring you to recreationally snowmound on your own. (Please note, that snowmounding is not for everyone. It can be dangerous. This website, the author’s and fans of this site are not held liable for or the subsequent consequences  of  injuries or legal troubles due to snow mounding)Here are today’s results! ENJOY!


 Summit Reached



Welcome SnowMounding Enthusiasts.

With the recent blizzard coming through, I have found a new passion in life. Snow mounding. Ok, so I will not claim this as an official sport…but how many times after a good snow fall are you walking or driving through a parking lot and you see the mound of snow that the plow has built up. I know you always think to yourself…”I want to climb that snow mound.” Well for the first time last week. I actually climbed that snow mound. And I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. So I have decided to follow my new passion. I will climb as many snow mounds, as I want. I will chronicle these mounds on this very site. I will post pictures, stream video and rating the snow mound in different categories. Stay tuned, I have the afternoon off.

Welcome SnowMounding Enthusiasts.